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The Roof Fix Radio Show: What's New in Shingles?

February 2, 2020 | Blog

Duane Charping discusses some of the new shingles from GAF, including the Architectural HDZ. This roofing shingle has a wider nailing strip to protect roofs from high winds. The wider nailing strip (along with Roof Fix’s metal detectors) ensures that all six nails are holding down the shingles and protecting them from high winds. This new shingle has no wind limit, meaning it won’t come off even in 150 miles per hour winds. Listen to the show to learn more!

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Intro 0:01
It’s time to raise the roof. You’re listening to the roof fix show with your host Duane Charping shouting from the rooftop over 30 years of Home Improvement experience and roof expertise, solid advice about roof repair, replacement, leaks, insurance claims, warning signs and the ever-popular small print. It’s all about the shingles under the sunshine,

Arnie 0:19
the roof fix show. Happy Sunday, Sunday Sunday San Antonio in South Texas. Welcome to the roof fix show right here on KTSA, news talk radio. We’re glad you could join us today. I hope you’re having a great day. My name is Arnie. I’m sitting in the studio with my good friend and owner of roof fix Duane Charping, who will be speaking with shortly, and the service manager of managers, one of the greatest service managers who take great care of you J.R. is in the studio we got a lot on our plate. Today we’re gonna be talking about everything on the roof from the top to in between to the bottom, you name it if it’s part of the roof, you need to be tuning in. And if you’re in need of a new roof, maybe you need a roof repair. Maybe you need a roof shampoo, maybe you’re just not sure what you need but you need it. Look that these are the guys. So without further ado, let’s get to the show to my friend Duane Charping.

Duane Charping 1:10
Good afternoon everybody. Hey, well I am with J.R. J.R is here to answer any questions that you might have, you can reach him by jr@rooffix

J.R 1:21
sa.com if you have any questions, comments or concerns about your roof, you give us a call and I’ll give you an answer. And if I don’t know it, I’ll figure it out.

Duane Charping 1:28
And hey, that’s even for the do it yourselfers I’ve got a small project or anything like that, you know, we want to help our community we want to make sure that uh, you know, that a roof is just not a roof. It’s a component system. done right is something that’s going to last you forever. And uh, you know, just start that off with, you know, our warranties that we offer on our roofing program. You know, we can offer the golden pledge warranty because we are a master elite contractor for GAF. GAF is the largest roofing manufacturer in North America, and in the whole world, I mean they manufacture more shingles and they have one of my favorite shingles that we just launched out is going to be the new architectural HDZ. This roofing shingle has a 600% wider nailing strip and let me tell you what we’re doing coastal communities and stuff like that. They have tweeted out there that is an inspection firm that’s a third party insurance. And you know, a lot of those roofs failed because they weren’t getting the nails and the nailing strip.

J.R 2:42
Not only that but not enough nails. On the coast, that’s where we get the strongest wind so if you don’t have enough nails, that’s where you’re missing shingles.

Duane Charping 2:50
Well, that’s another thing is where we keep our crews accountable. You know, we use actually metal detectors folks on the roofs to make sure our crews are putting six nails per single Now, this new shingle has no wind limit. I mean, this is an amazing shingle. They put this shingle in a wind environment and got it all the way up to 150 miles per hour. And the neat thing about this was this extra strip, they took also the granules. Both shingles have granules on there. So when you get that bond from the sealant to the nails strip, if it’s going on to granules, it does not have a very secure bond, you’re only getting it bonded to one side. So when they installed this shingle, they installed the whole single in a wind tunnel and the single did not have one nail. They just laid it out. Let the adhesive and you’d I call it DuraGrip is the most state of the art adhesive. GAF developed it. They’re the only company that has it and DuraGrip will seal against that 600% wider now thin. And then, of course, we’re using six nails per shingle. So we went from 130 miles per hour wind guarantee to a no wind limit and a lifetime warranty a full 50 years on labor and material. This will be the last roof you ever put on your home. And guess what, folks, it’s not going to cost more than any dimensional shingles out there because roof fix, we know how to buy our shingles being a part of the master elite, and we have a huge sale on these shingles. We even have a huge sale on metal roofs. And we are even extending that all the way to repairs and tune-ups.

J.R 4:46
Now let these people know what that sale is Duane.

Duane Charping 4:48
Well you know we’re looking at a full 50% off labor and we are going to go ahead and give some really good payment options that you’ll have available on this too, Zero percent down, zero interest, and no payments until 2022. Or if you’re looking for a really low monthly payment will go zero percent, up to 60 months, that’s five years. And you do zero down. So you know, if you don’t want to come out of pocket, and you’re needing to get that roof, you know, this is a great way to get it. This is our largest sell event of the year. We wanted to start this new year out strong. Why we’re able to introduce this is because GAF had really given us a lot back for what a great year we had last year, and I wish they could just write me a check for it, Arnie. You know, that would be really nice, right? We’ll be all on vacation together. But they put stipulations to it. They write is that nice big check. It’s a return for the amount of business we’ve done, got to put it back and we have to put it back to the company and we have to do it this campaign. And so this half off labor sale is the real deal its a big savings. And I mean, gosh, what a great way to pay for it.

Arnie 6:05
Duane, what an outstanding opportunity for the local San Antonio residents in the surrounding area 50% off. You just don’t find that anywhere and you’re using nothing but quality products with incredible service. Let’s get back to those shingles that can withstand 150 miles per hour winds. That is amazing. Now those particular shingles Duane, are those as expensive as a standard shingle? And are those shingles for everybody? I know we can certainly use those in places like Houston and Corpus, but then again, my thought is to listen, if you’re trying to protect your home, you want to protect it in all kinds of weather. So that type of shingle to me sounds like it’s the perfect type for just about any home.

Duane Charping 6:46
Well, you know, here’s the good news. So they just launched a shingle its the newest developed shingle out there, no limit to the wind. So I mean, this is a huge deal when you’re talking about a lifetime warranty. Fifty years on labor and material, this will be the last roof you put on the house and to answer your question. No, it’s not more than the architectural shingles that we carried. And let me tell you the people that are spending and putting three tabs, man this is the time to upgrade.

J.R 7:16
You’re just throwing your money away if you’re using three tabs.

Duane Charping 7:18
Three tabs only he has a 60 mile per hour wind lift guarantee. And I’m telling you why if you live in San Antonio or any of the coastal regions, all the way down to Houston or, you know, these shingles that the builders are using the three-tab shingles, they are problematic and I mean, you know, we have J.R here he runs my service team. And I tell you what, out of all the service you run GAF, missing shingles. How many are architectural shingles?

J.R 7:44
I have to tell you the architectural versus three-tab. three tabs gonna be the calls that I get after a storm with a strong wind and people are calling me Hey, I got shingles laying on the ground. It looks like some are missing off my roof when I get there. Nine out of 10 times. It’s gonna be a three-tab shingle.

Arnie 7:59
So J.R is it somewhat of a domino effect? You look up you see one shingle missing, you look up, you see two, maybe there’s five, we as homeowners, you know, is that something where we need to give you a call right away? What type of domino effect does that have on a roof? And how is that gonna affect me the homeowner?

J.R 8:14
If it already happened to a portion of your roof, it’s gonna keep happening. And a lot of factors go into it. So not only can it come from poor insulation, but also the kind of material you put on your roof. You got to remember it’s an investment. And the roof is what protects the rest of your home. It protects all your assets. Why wouldn’t you put the best material you could possibly get on your roof and it’s, it’s a free upgrade, you’re getting a better shingle with a better wind resistance at no extra price and you’re getting 50% off? It’s a no brainer.

Arnie 8:41
So Duane those shingles that can take up to that 150 miles per hour wind resistance. What about the folks that are listening in Houston and Corpus Christi in the outlying areas of San Antonio where they get a lot of higher winds? Maybe a little worse weather than we get locally right here in San Antonio, is this the type of shingle that they ought to take great interest in for their homes in particular?

Duane Charping 9:03
Yeah, absolutely. Because there’s no other single like it. Because we are a master elite contractor with GAF. We are the very first ones to be able to introduce it to you and introduce it to you at no additional cost. Plus, we’re going to give you a 50% off labor and a great way to pay for it with zero percent financing, no money down, you could go all the way up to 60 months, you know, give us a call. I recommend if you haven’t had your roof inspected, or you’re thinking about a roof, you know, we do a no-obligation estimate. We are roof fix we have one-two super service and Jesus award four years running, a plus rated with the Better Business Bureau number one rated, and we have an experienced staff that comes out and takes care of you. But you don’t call us today. We have phone lines open you can call us at 210-454-2400 Again, that’s 210-454-2400. Or go to rooffixsa.com. And let me tell you what you get when our staff comes out to your home folks, you get an experienced staff, these are not sales guys. We are here just to educate you. There is no type of sales pressure. We like to meet with the homeowners, show them the styles, the designs, show them the benefits, the features, the estimates take about 30 to 45 minutes, we’re going to use drone technology. We’re going to use infrared cameras up in the attic. And if it’s an insurance claim, nobody knows how to get a claim taken care of like roof fix does. Everybody goes through this type of training. You know, most roofers out there you know, they’re good at figuring out how because they leave these big coin marks all over the place. But you know, when it comes to wind, they missed the boat all the time. And these adjusters that come out, you know, they’re looking at the side with the missing shingles. You asked the question earlier, does missing shingles if you have three or one, if you have one missing shingles, you could have a problem because here’s the problem with wind, when hits that slope and knock that shingle off, and see the wind that goes around the house at the same speed, it’s already past the house. Now, this is called This is how a plane flies to do you realize a plane does not have the lift that causes a plane to fly. It’s not the air under the wings, is the uplift above the wings. And a lot of people don’t know the physics of how that works. But see wind runs at a pack so that wind that blasts past the house, and the wind that hits the roof and goes over the rooftop, well it’s running at 300 times the speed and as it goes over the slope to catch up with the pack of the wind that went around it and it’s going to catch up. As the velocity builds up. It breaks the seals on all the shingles on the back of the roof from the up pressure. And that’s, you know, you get those storms, you get those tornadoes. That is because wind runs in a pack. And once you know that, and you know how to inspect for that, you could get a full replacement, but most companies are going to come out, and they’re just going to get you the front slope covered, when really the whole darn roof needs to be replaced. And that’s what you get when you call roof fix. But get your roof inspected. You don’t the manufacturer recommends that even if you have a new roof, get it inspected every year, you could get on our free annual drone inspection where you could have peace of mind, we come out and inspect your roof, and it costs you nothing. We use drone technology and then we check it every year. But here’s the good news. When we have a hail or wind situation, we use a company that’s called hell trace that monitors this 24/7 and when your zip code shows up, we automatically deploy our team to your house the day after our major storm. And we’re gonna check your roof. So you have peace of mind. And folks, this doesn’t cost you anything. And if you have a roof leak, we’ll do a free temporary repair on it. And then we’ll work with your insurance company and get most of the cost covered, other than your deductible. You know, with this new house bill law, homeowners, you know, have to pay their deductibles, it’s a felony for our contractor to even offer to pay the deductible. And the insurance companies have cracked down this year. They will not release depreciation meaning hold back money, they will not release it until they see the customer has paid the deductible. So this is because the industry got so messed up. You know, there was only a 20% gross profit in a job during a catastrophe. It’s state-regulated, they use a program that’s called Xactimate. So for roofers coming out and paying your deductible. Let’s say you got a $10,000 roof job with a $2,000 deductible. Well, that’s all his profit. And if he’s giving you the job for free, does that make any sense? It seems too good to be true, it is. What he’s gonna do is leave the felt paper, the pipes, all the accessories, and folks, if you know anything about roofing, it ain’t the shingles it is the accessories that cost all the money. So they could do that, and you get a terrible roof. Well, this affected the mortgage industry, this affected the resale of homes. This affected the whole real estate market across the state of Texas. So they came up with this new house bill, that deductibles cannot be paid. So, you know, go back, look at your insurance policy, lower your deductible, get it down to 1500 or $1,000. So when you get to a storm, you only get to come out of pocket $1,000 but if you have a 1, 2% you know, it’s only about 10 to 15 dollars more a month, to get this better protection. And then you don’t have to be one of those that are going out there trying to use a company that will cheat the system. And let me tell you when you get your deductible paid What’s going on? Everything from human trafficking, they’re gonna go down and get. We had Curtis the other day, meet a college kid at a McDonald’s downtown San Antonio when he pulled up in his roof fix truck. The laborers all jumped to the back of his truck. They were so used to roofers coming by down the corner where all the laborers are, that they all jump in the back and these roofers, you know, these roofing companies that paying unskilled labor $50 a day to come out and do your roof. And if you think you’re going to get a good quality job, do you want to be a part of that? I mean, you know, we pay starting at $18 and 50 cents an hour, and depending on your skillset, I mean, this is hard work, folks. And then they tear off the roof, load the shingles from the ground, that’s a big no-no, and then install the shingles. That’s a triathlon, there’s no way you’re going to get a good job. And they’ll only put three nails per single because they’re not getting paid right. And more singles, they put up more money, they can make more faster they can get through it. So this is why you want to do business with an honest roofing company. And you want to make sure your job is done. Right. I mean, come on, this is the roof on your home that protects all your assets. Right?

Arnie 16:31
Well, that’s and that’s not to mention, I mean, we talk Dwayne’s talking about, you know, the roof, and then and all the things that go on top of it, and so forth, and the shingles and the speed and the wind, but J.R, you can probably talk a little bit about this as well. What about dealing with the uneasiness of homeowners having to deal with the insurance company? Are they getting the right roof? Are they getting the right amount of money? Are they doing everything they should be doing? For that roof for that client. I mean, that’s a nerve-wracking thing for any homeowner,

J.R 17:02
Well, you’d be surprised so a lot of these jobs when I go visit them, you know what, what the insurance might have said needs to get done on the roof when I get out there and I actually place my hands miles on it and I look at it and so and it’s as easy as supplementing you know, I’ll talk to the homeowner and say, your insurance said that we only needed to replace this area, but after looking at it and doing a thermal inspection in your attic, and you know, looking at the roof, not only from the top side, but the underside, we actually need to do you know, X amount of work, you know, to make the roof 100% because when we touch a roof, not only does it make you liable, but we offer you a warranty if we do one of our services, it’s called a tuneup. Oh, that’s a three-year warranty. And all we’re doing is extending the life of your current roof. And we also offer the service of our shampoo which upgrades your curb appeal, it cleans all the algae and all the ugly stains on your roof. Yeah, but if insurance companies, you know if the homeowner tries to deal with them themselves, and they aren’t roofers or they don’t have that extensive construction knowledge and that background that they might not be getting everything they need.

Arnie 18:05
So bottom line, you guys, Duane Charping, J.R, you guys are working not only to make sure they get the right roof, but they get the right construction, they get everything that they need, they get the components and they get the safety, security and well be knowing that their families can be protected underneath that roof. If you’re just tuning in, you’re listening to the roof fix show. My name is Arnie sitting here with Duane Charping. Service Manager J.R. We’re talking roofs and boy, I’ll tell you this the time of year now it’s starting to get windy, rain starting and fall hail may still be coming around. And you know, we’re thankful that roof fix is part of the roofing industry because there’s a lot of fly by nights out there. But not roof fix.

Duane Charping 18:43
That’s correct. That’s correct. And you know, we have experts that come out and inspect your roof. So you know what expert testimonial we could go back? Look, we’re not trying to take advantage of the insurance companies and there are a lot of good insurance companies out there. But you know these big insurance companies Sometimes when they’re storms, they will try to minimize claims. I mean, they got multi-million dollars worth of claims, and they can minimize or look for quick fixes. And if you don’t know, you’re, you know, you’re trying to get out cheaply and you’re worried about, you know, deductibles that you know, these are things that can cause confusion and get you a bad roof real fast. And with this new house bill, state law, this came out, insurance companies have to crack down they have to ask and see, they want a copy from us from the customer of the back in front of the check shown the deductible has been paid. So make sure you know, we’re talking about deductibles today. Check your deductible, if you can, for a couple dollars more a month, lower down to $1,000 1500 dollars, get out of those 1% or 2% deductibles because you know, it’s gonna put you in a bad situation to cut corners when you need to get your roof done.

J.R 19:51
And that’s not the place to do it.

Duane Charping 19:53
No, no, not at all. I mean, you know, cuz roofing is all about components. But you know, we have this new shingle that came out with GAF with no wind limits, we are with our masterly standards that we use all professional installers. You know, we were talking about those storm chasers, you know, that are paying deductibles that you can’t, that’s a felony now for the contractor, and it’s insurance fraud for the homeowner. So, you know, you can’t do it no more. And it was being practiced for years. But they finally said Texas has cracked down because of all the problems as it was causing 36,000 consumer complaints at the Better Business Bureau last year alone. I mean, this is a tragedy, making the roofing industry one of the worst industries out there. And let me tell you, undocumented workers, people that are not background, you know, putting dangerous people that they pick up from a street corner so they could save the money so they could pay your deductible, because like if they give you all their profit, they got to cut corners on the way it gets installed. And I mean, come on, do you really want to attribute to this type of human trafficking, it’s going to come from somewhere you wanted to contribute it to a poor quality roof so when your home goes for an inspection, it fails and you’re going to have to end up putting a new roof on it again because home inspectors are getting wise to these quick-fix roofing companies that are coming out there

J.R 21:13
Now when you go to do that roof the second time, they’re usually gonna be coming out of pocket since they already use the insurance the first time around.

Duane Charping 21:18
They’re gonna pay twice, you know and then you know but you know there’s this a lot of education that needs to be done when it comes to roofing. But you don’t we make it simple for you. We’re gonna help we got experts that come out and look at your roof. We know how to read the wind. I mean, these guys are certified and we have certified installers doing the work. And I mean, what better than a company like roof fix, you know, we’re a plus rated. We got some of the greatest reviews you’ll ever read. We’re the number one rated roofing company that just won Angie’s List award four years running. We are a masterly contractor with GAF only 1% in the hole contractor. In America, North America has qualified for this award, but we actually spend the training and make sure our staff does a really great job. We don’t leave any nails behind. You know, we’re going to keep a good safe work environment. And we have the biggest sale going making this the best time to get that free, no-obligation estimate. And when our experts come out to your house, these are not sales guys. We are not looking to sell your roof. Matter of fact, we’re the solution company are there to educate. You don’t need a new roof. We’re not going to sell you a new roof or prolong it. We’re the home of the roof tune-up. We also have you just got algae that makes your roof looks so old 99% of the roofers will tell you the replace it. We could do fractions of what it costs to put a new roof on. And we use a shampoo process and a sealer that will give you a five-year extended life on that roof. And we’ll make that roof look like brand new again. So you know to count on us to give you a solution now

Arnie 22:58
Give them the phone number J.R, Give them the phone number the email folks out there listening. Now you have a question. Don’t be shy, you don’t have to call into the show, we’re gonna make it easy for you, we’re gonna give you the phone number called Duane called J.R for by name. These are guys that they own this business, they run this business and they want to help

J.R 23:18
210-454-2400. And when you call in, you will not only reach the Best Roofing Company in San Antonio, and soon to be in all of Texas, but you’re going to reach a staff that not only cares about you, but we know what we’re talking about folks, and we want to help you understand what we know. And you can also reach us at rooffixsa.com

Arnie 23:38
Roof fix. I’m just going to give a quick, quick little bit of love to you guys. Because you did my mother in law’s house. Yes, sir. The very quick story. My mother in law’s in the late 70s, early 80s. She feels you know, she’s at that point in her life where she’s afraid who to call what to do. Who’s going to rip her off who’s going to steal her last penny. She called an existing company. here in San Antonio, they came out before she talked to me I’ve happened to be her son in law. And they came out and they told her that they’re going to put up a half a roof not a full roof but a half a roof. There was some hail damage. And it just sounded really odd and some of the things she had told me so I personally and this is the way I came in touch with roof fix. Yes, I’m in radio, but I needed some work done. I contacted roof fix, got ahold of Duane, Duane referred me to J.R his service manager. The short end of the story is things came out fantastic J.R looked at the issue, saw the problem, spoke to the insurance company. She got an entire roof. She got additional attributes to her roof and things that they did initially find. And the work was done right. She got a full roof. She’s happy she paid her deductible, but she could never be happier and she’s very grateful to roof fix. So

Duane Charping 24:51
Tell them, Arnie, to what you know, that was a little fix that we had to do on it too. You had a little issue. You called us out and I think what J.R you haven’t fixed within one hour of the call. So yeah,

Arnie 25:01
Yeah, you know things happen. It’s construction right. There was a minor little area of concern on the patio cover which really wasn’t you know, roof fix, it wasn’t part of the roof right? It’s a patio cover. But they were nice enough to do some work on that there was a minor little leak within one hour of my call to roof fix Duane and J.R they were on the location. They were at that front door, they fixed it on the spot. And it was completed, my mother in law couldn’t be happier. And you know that that that’s what it’s all about.

Duane Charping 25:34
With the storm chaser, they would have got the wrong riff. Hey, and real quick cause we’re down to the end of our show. But you know, we’ve done a lot of people’s roofs here in the studio, but we did also Victor’s and there’s a funny story. We’ll keep it short because we’re about to roll out here. But Victor, when they pulled up at his house, they had a Uhaul trailer. And they were throw ing shingles off there. And the funniest story ever Victor. He would say they only were doing half of his roof also, and you know, they come out and then the police department shows up, arrests the roofing contractor. The Uhaul trailer has been stolen for weeks. And they finally tracked it down at Victor’s house. He got in the middle of the contracting situation called us. We went out there and looked at it. We replaced his whole entire roof. We got him whole again. And you know, we got through the riff-raff. I mean, I really recommend folks get that estimate, take advantage of our largest sale event of the year half off the labor. I mean, this is a full 50% off of your labor, zero percent down zero percent interest, no payments. For 2022. Our estimates are no obligation. They’re free, call us up 210-454-2400 210-454-2400, or go to rooffixsa.com

Arnie 26:52
We’ll see you next week. Ladies and gentlemen. Have a great rest of your weekend and until next Sunday. Have a blessed day.

J.R 26:58
See you later.

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